This is an and/or challenge. For the hard surface crowd, there’s a drill/driver (Bosch PS31 is the included reference, but any drill/driver will do), and for those looking for something softer, a cloth napkin in a napkin ring. There are lots of ways to put a napkin in a ring, so be creative if you want. Feel free to do both if you have the time/inclination. 

This challenge will span 3 weeks to allow time to figure out cloth or how to get some of those cuts in the curved surfaces of the drill. Start with a simple torus or tube for the napkin ring if you go that route, and then make a more decorative one later if you master cloth quickly. 

Proper modeling is a must: quads, loops flowing to the direction of the curved surface / sharp edges. You can choose another drill model, but you may want it to be symmetrical . The mesh can be split in moving parts, like the buttons, wheel or leds, but there should be NO mesh intersection: where the button is located, the surface around it IS CUT.

Week 1-2: Modeling
Deliverable: Hardware render of your drill or cloth model with a Subdivision Surface of at least 1 subdivisions. Display mode: Shaded + Lines, with lines as Isoparms, parallel perspective (isometric). Resolution: 1024*1024px (1K) or larger (AR 1:1)

Week 2: Shading and rendering
Deliverable: One (or more) images of your 3d model rendered in a negative contrast look. You can use your rendering engine of choice, procedural or UV based texturing, even light post painting is allowed (for example you may paint on your render glows, flares, stickers, decals, wear, dirt) just make your presentation pop!


Resolution: 1024*1024px (1K) or larger (AR 1:1)

You may submit multiple angles, color versions etc.

Deadline week1+week2 : 3 September EOD


Challenge results:

Awesome work by @haavardhv @leonieb @Michael Docking @yøttagløw @scottbenson and @mariodarnadi

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