So who’s ready for another moderately hard challenge? Again, same format: you have one week for correct modeling and one week for shading and rendering. There’s a lot of freedom on this one, so you can chose a concept (or make one) that is appropriate for your modeling skills: remember, this is not a concept challenge but a modeling one, with its main purpose to improve your poly modeling skills. You may draft your concept with pen and paper, digital painting, photobashing, sculpting or CAD, but the deliverable model should be a polygonal model with good topology.

Week 1: Modeling

Deliverable: Hardware render of your helmet model with a Subdivision Surface of at least 1 subdivisions. Display mode: Shaded + Lines, with lines as Isoparms, parallel perspective (isometric). Resolution: 1024*1024px (1K) or larger (AR 1:1)

Week 2: Shading and rendering

Deliverable: Your 3d model rendered in a cinematic/dramatic lighting scenario (that is strong key and rim lights). You can use your rendering engine of choice, procedural or UV based texturing, even light post painting is allowed (for example you may paint on your render glows, flares, stickers, decals, wear, dirt) just make your presentation pop! Resolution: 1024*1024px (1K) or larger (AR 1:1)You may submit multiple angles, color versions etc.
Deadline week1+week2 : 23 july EOD.

Challenge results:

Stunning works by @scottbenson, @haavardhv, @samuelmograph and @leonieb!

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