Deadline 12 april 2020

Everybody’s more or less tied to the screen these days and as much as we all love 3D stuff, as time passes we would need something to keep the flame alive. So, here comes the resurrection of the challenges that some of you may remember from a long time ago. This time, with a brand new format that tingles your imagination together with your technical skills.

What you will have to do is:
  1. Pick a painter or a sculptor (suggestions: Dali, Picasso even Malevich)
  2. Imagine a Table Lamp (desk lamp, bed lamp) that would have been designed by that artist.
  3. Model and present it as best as possible, while getting out of your comfort zone.

You will have two weeks, I suggest split up in first week – modeling, second week – shading, lighting, dress up, all the pretty things everybody loves.

I will not enforce “proper” modeling, but doing your best to get nice topology, sharp corners in a sds, loops for easy unwrapping and other good practices will add value to the time spent (by learning a thing or two).

Don’t hesitate to post your wips or questions in the various topics: #modeling, #shading, #technical questions or renderer specific like #otoy or #redshift .

Submit your final works in the #challenges thread by tagging them with #rocketlasso hashtag so we can track them easily. I encourage you to post them on social media as well with #rocketlasso hashtag.

There are no physical prizes or winners, but the greatest win is growing up as individual artists and as a community. I will compile a gallery with all finished works on

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