Inktober 2018!

We’ll be posting our artwork in our #dailysketch channel. Join in the fun!

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INKTOBER STARTS IN 2 WEEKS! Here’s the official prompt list and rules! Who’s going to do it with me this year?

I created the Inktober challenge way back in 2009 as a way to get better at inking. It’s since grown into a worldwide art event every October. It’s a month long celebration of drawing, creativity, and self-improvement.

You can modify the challenge to suit your needs and abilities. If doing 31 drawings in a month isn’t realistic for your schedule, set a goal for 15 drawings in the month and do one every other day. Or do one a week. Or just do one on the first day.

People who push themselves just outside their comfort zone get the most out of the challenge. Figure out what that is for you, set a goal, and work your hardest to reach it.

Use whatever inking tools you have available to you. Whether it’s a bic pen, sharpie marker, or the latest Japanese brush pen, we’ve seen great art with all of those tools.

Initially, the challenge of Inktober was focused on traditional inking. Although learning how to ink digitally is a skill separate from traditional inking it is no less valid. If you want to improve your digital inking skills then doing Inktober digitally is a great way to challenge yourself.

The prompt list is provided to spark your imagination. Its fun to see how different artists interpret the same word. But you do not have to use the prompts. If something else is inspiring you, let that fuel your creativity for inktober!

There’s also inktober contests and giveaways put on by many art supply companies for people who participate in Inktober. Keep an eye out on our posts because we will be announcing those contests here.

There’s more more info about Inktober on the offical website:

Remember: Your drawing doesn’t have to be beautiful, inspired, creative, or perfect, it just has to exist. Every time you finish a drawing you learn something about your art and you get just a little bit better.

Lastly, HAVE FUN! If Inktober is stressing you out, or making your life too hard, dial it back a bit do what you’ve got to do to make it fun.

That’s all. Now go make some drawings!

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