Recently I was tasked with creating some lightning FX but hand drawn. Well, much like anything in our world, we say we know how and then learn on the fly. I found some great resources and I wanted to share with you guys what got me to the end result. It isn’t perfect but for a couple hours of learning and trying i’m pretty stoked on it.
My near end result that got posted on a larger piece.


Miniboss has a bunch of great pixel art animations and they all totally apply here. Its a tumbler but scroll through and you’ll find some rad stuff to work from.

Flash FX Animation

This blog has all sorts of amazing references to be inspired from and to jsut break down piece by piece to get a feel for how these thigns work!

Pedro Medeiros

This is a patreon page with a couple of freebies but boy did they help with breaking down this FX. Go in there an support a fellow artists and learn the craft that is 2D FX!
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